Mom Says She’s Moving Her Family Of 6 To A Camper. I Couldn’t Believe It, But Then I Saw Inside!


Mom wanted to make a life change, and so did her family. They used to live in a typical home with her husband and four kids, but then they wanted to be more mobile. They wanted to have the flexibility to help others around the globe, so they decided to deck out a camper and make it their full-time home. I know, I thought it was odd, too, but when you see inside, you will understand how they are able to do it!

The camper comes in right around 300 square feet, which seems way too small for a family of six. So when I saw the different rooms, I was blown away, even the kitchen was a good size, and they are note even done with the renovation – so there are more upgrades to be done. It will take a bit more time for Mom to put the finishing touches on their home, but I can see that it will be exactly to their specifications.

See what it looks like from the inside in the video below!


1. Mom Shows Us How Her Family Of 6 Lives In A Camper Full-Time!



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